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WWII Review

Mrs. King

Causes, major events, and effects of WWII.

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2.23. This operation led to the successful allied recovery of France, followed by the Battle of the Bulge in which the allies broke through the Siegfried Line to push into Germany’s western border.
5.22. The war crimes trials at ______________ set a precedent that military & political leaders could be held accountable for crimes committed in war at international trials.
7.11. The German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact directly led to the start of WWII with the joint invasion of which country?
8.Under totalitarian rule, all dictators banned other ______________. (2 words)
10.21. Japanese soldiers volunteered for _____________ units toward the end of the war due to sheer desperation.
12.1. Hitler promised Germans that he would rip up the _______________, appealing to their sense of nationalism. (3 words)
15.16. This battle was a blood-bath in which Germans, who were fighting in frozen conditions without adequate food or supplies, were not allowed to surrender under Hitler’s orders. The Soviets were given the order, “Not a step backward.” Germany's first defeat.
16.14. After France fell to the Nazi’s, Hitler’s Luftwaffe took on the British RAF in order to gain control of the _________. (2 words)
19.19. The first city to suffer a nuclear bombing was __________ followed 3 days later by Nagasaki.
20.28. The 2 superpowers that emerged after WWII were the United States and the _______________
21.17. This battle was the turning point in the Pacific War, crippling the Japanese navy by destroying 4 carriers which could not be replaced quickly enough.
24.10. Hitler got what he wanted at the Munich Conference because allied powers ______________ him in the hopes of avoiding war.
25.13. Hitler’s “lightening war” relied on confusion caused by aerial bombing and tank divisions to push through enemy defensive lines, a strategy what?
26.____________ was the idea to create a Jewish country in Israel.
27.20. Japanese soldiers followed the Code of ____________, an ancient Samurai code which forbids surrender.
28.26. Hitler’s goal was to take over Europe, then the world, and to populate it with a master race called the _________.
1.12. The French had built the _____________ along its border with Germany, an ineffective preparation for Hitler’s new type of warfare. (2 words)
3.15. This Soviet city was under German siege for 900 days but refused to surrender, even as thousands of civilians starved to death.
4.24. The Soviets fought the Germans in the final Battle of ___________; a 3 day fight that resulted in Germany’s surrender.
6.6. Appealing to the idea of _____________, Hitler claimed that it was the right of all German people to be united. (2 words, no space)
9.25. The Holocaust is an example of __________; an attempt to end the collective existence of a group of people.
11.The firebombing of this Japanese city in March 1945 killed 200,000 citizens.
13.2. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin all had _______________ who would arrest anyone who spoke out against their government & their policies. (2 words)
14.The first country to be annexed into Hitler’s Third Reich.
17.9. Hitler claimed the he would annex the __________________, in order to “protect fellow Germans.”
18.3. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin all ____________ the media in order to brainwash their populations.
22.7. WWI allies were not united enough to stop Hitler in the 1930s, due in part to the isolation of this country.
23.5. In a move that defied terms of the Treaty of Versailles, in 1935 Hitler announced that he would __________ the country.

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