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RE Catholic Year 7 Wordsearch

Lewis Watts

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1.A prophet in the Old Testament who was originally a shepherd.
4.The book, "Le____s _o _t P___" shows us the letters of a saint.
5.The country Abraham founded.
7.The place we go to gather as a community and worship God.
8.The bible is a library of _____.
9.The Old Testament has four groups; this one is the third one.
11.An upcoming main event for Christians.
13.We communicate to God with ______.
18.The second creation story is based in the Garden of ____.
20.The church calendar is also known as the L_________Y__r.
21.The phrase in which we are told to not treat anyone how we don't want to be treated is called the...
23.The _ _ _ _ Bible.
24.A current problem for geographers (which will lead to affect us) where the globe is warming up.
26.Another name for God in Hebrew.
27.A quality we all have where we should be treated with respect.
28.J____ was Isaac's son.
29.Mary, the mother of Jesus, had a cousin called...
2.The people in the New Testament who have written about Jesus are (in order)...
3.The colour of Christmas on the Church's Calendar.
6.The second book of the bible, where the slaves left Egypt.
10.The way Israelites spread the bible originally through "_r__T_______".
11.The world is a part of God's C_______.
12.Person who led the Israelites out of Egypt.
14.The last book of the bible.
15.Something all humans have that we have to respect.
16.In the place we gather, there is a space that has many different objects that represent the time of year.
17.Last group of books in the Old Testament.
19.All humans have F_____ll.
22.The quality of not giving up and always trying after they fail.
25.The colour of Ordinary Time on the Church's Calendar.

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