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10-1 Peasants, Trade, and Cities

Madeline Ambrose, Connor Sullivan, Terry Gearing

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3.An economic system based on money.
5.System of rotating crops to keep soil fertile.
7.A heavy, wheeled plow with an iron plow share.
9.Staple of peasant diet
10.A person who wanted to learn a trade first became a _________.
13.Members of the wealthiest and most powerful families.
14.People who worked for wages under masters
15.Peasants celebrated feast days such as Easter, Christmas, and _________.
16.Area along the coast of present day Belgium
18.Worked faster when using the plow then the oxen
19.German for "a walled enclosure"
20.Merchants and artisans from old roman cities.
1.An economic system in which people invest in goods and trade to make a profit.
2.The revival of trade enabled cities to manufacture metal work, shoes, ______, and leather goods
4.Major city in Italy
6.A finished piece in a craft.
8.Business associations
11.An agricultural estate run by a lord and worked by peasants.
12.An outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.
17.Peasants legally bound to a land.

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