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Family And The Workplace

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2.A type of an enviornment in which an employee's rights are threatened.
4.A type of communication that flows to those outside an organization.
7.A couple who are married and are interdependent. Known as the "common" couple.
10.A type of family with high orientation toward conversation and low orientation toward conformity.
11.A type of communication that flows from subordinates to superiors.
12.Emotional bonding and feelings of togetherness that families experience.
13.Self-defined unit made up of any number of persons who lived in a relationship with one aonther of a long period of time.
1.Family's ability to modify and respond to change.
3.A type of family that consists of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.
5.A model of family interaction involving realtionships among familiy adaptability, cohesion and communication.
6.A type of family where there are two adults and both have seperate children.
8.A type of married partners who stress the individual over the couple.
9.A type of communication where colleagues or co-workers are on the same level within an organization.

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