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Physics 9d - Motion and Forces

Mr. Dunster

A review of key vocabulary and concepts from the second Unit.

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1.Metals generally obey Hooke's law up to the this point (two words)
5.The ____________ friction varies with the type of materials in contact
7.Fluid friction or air resistance
9.The friction force of a box being pushed along the ground
13.The pulling or stretching force on a spring
14.Units of a spring constant (singular forms with a / and no space)
18.Newton's third law says every action has an equal and opposite ____________
20.The resistance an object has to change its state of motion
21.The law that relates to the elastic properties of solids
23.Newton said if friction was eliminated this is not needed to keep an object in motion
24.The friction force before the box I push starts to move
2.Force = mass times ____________
3.As velocity increases drag force ___________
4.Mass divided by volume = ___________
5.Static friction changes from zero to a maximum value, while sliding friction is ________
6.In the drag force formula density refers to the density of the __________
8.The extension in a spring; e in the formula: Force=spring constant * e
10.The force which is unbalanced and therefore causes a change to a state of motion
11.One _______ is the force needed to accelerate a one kg mass by one m/s squared
12.The pushing or squishing force on a spring
15.Proportional relationship between force and acceleration: double F = double a
16.Static friction is ___________ than sliding friction
17.The normal force is the reaction to (opposite of) a body's ________ in the friction formula
19.Proportional relationship between mass and acceleration: double m = half a
22.The drag coefficient is based on the object's ____________

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