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Fiber Arts Review

Mr. Fairchild

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1.literally means "to put on" in French and is a technique used to decorate the surface of fabric by applying pieces of cut fabric on top of a layer of fabric by sewing or embroidering around the edges.
6.Made in Africa with the use of a paste
8.to say goodbye or farewell, also a West African fabric design
9.A resist dye process suing melted wax as the resist material
10.to work against, fight off, a substance that can cover and protect a surface
2.used to enhnace a desgin- most used with stitching
3.a plant based material that melts at about 250 degrees. It can be applied to fabric as a resist to create pattern, texture and design.
4.Sodium Carbonate. Use as an alkali fixative for reactive dyes.
5.Dying technique assocaited with Japan
7.Associated with lots of colors and swirl patterns

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