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Group 7A:Halogens

2                               3          
  7 8                                  
    9                         10      
  13                             14    
15                   16                

2.what does some artificial blood contain?
3.what element was discovered by bernard courtois?
5.what is made commercially by the electrolysis of brine?
8.what does liquid chlorine contain?
9.nonstick pans are coated with a polymer of what?
11.where is bromine obtained from?
12.what element was discovered by Dale R.Corson, K.R. Mackenzie, and Emilion Segre in 1940?
13.when chlorine reacts with sodium, what does it form?
14.at room temperature what state are Fluorine and Chlorine in?
15.halogens exist as what?
18.what are halogens?
19.what produces hormones that help to control the bodys growth and the energy produced by cell?
1.who discovered bromine in 1826
2.fluorine is made by the electrolysis of what?
4.what has been the traditional response to blood loos due to servere injuries or surgery?
6.what element did Carl Wilhelm Scheele discover in 1774?
7.who discovered fluorine in 1806
10.what compound is made from the mineral fluorite and sulfuric acid?
16.at room temperature what is bromine?
17.at room temperature what state are iodine and astatine in?

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