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Literary Terms

Kelly Taylor

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1.the main or basic meaning of a literary work
2.when a character changes in the story
7.a struggle between opposing forces
10.the author tells the reader exactly what kind of person a character is
12.a difference between appearance and reality
13.the atmosphere created by the literary work
15.point of view with an "all knowing" narrator
16.the main character in a story
19.events that occur throughout the story that change the basic situation
22.sequence of related evens in a short story, play, movie, show, etc.
23.when there is a difference between what is said and what is meant
24.a struggle that takes place inside one's own mind
25.the methods used to present the personality of the characters
26.the time and place of the action of a story
27.makes the reader tense and uncertain about the outcome of events
28.point of view told from the "I" narrator
29.the basic situation at the beginning of a story
1.point of view where the narrator uses "he," "she," and tells about the experience of one of the characters in the story
3.the author makes the reader infer what the character is like through actions, words, etc.
4.a struggle outside of oneself
5.when the author provides hints of what is to come later in a story
6.when an event turns out differently than expected
8.opposes the main character
9.people, animals, or natural forces in a story
11.the moment of highest intensity of the story
14.when the reader or audience knows something that the character(s) do not.
17.stays the same throughout the story
18.the outcome of the major conflict in a story
20.follows the climax; a slowing down that leads to the ending
21.reference to a well known work, play, event, team, or person in literature

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