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Vessels, Blood, and Nerves

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3.Type of movement exibited by leukocytes
5.First thud heard when taking a blood pressure
9.Place where bile is stored
10.It fights chronic infection
11.Smalled formed element
15.Carries blood away from the heart
17.Can be found on the surface of erythrocytes
19.Plaque build-up in the inner lining of the arteries
22.Bilirubin, hemoglobin, and iron are all transported to the ____ upon RBC death
25.Fluid around cells
26.Rips open old erythrocytes
28.Area behind the knee
29.Place of Tissue feeding
30.Movement of this around the inferior vena cava helps venous blood flow
32.Secondary job of superficial veins
33.Emulsifies fats in the small intestine
34.Blood type that contains no antibodies
36.Process of making WBCs
39.Type of nerve that terminates in the deltoid
42.Symptoms of hypercholesterolemia and hypertension
43.Type of blood that carries carbon dioxide
45.Fights parasitic worms
49.Deep vein found most lateral on the forearm
50.Universal receiver
54.Goal of the body is to maintain
55.55% of blood
56.Another name for thrombocytes
57.Rarest type of leukocyte
58.Part of the blood responsible for jaundice
59.Platelets promote the formation of blood_____.
1.Largest WBC
2.Blood vessels carring blood away from the heart that lack a visible elastic membrane
4.Vein that branches off the vena cava
6.What smaill arteries are capable of doing when the body is n a cold environment
7.First responders to infection
8.Type of WBC displaying cytoplasmic granules and a lobed nucleui when stained
12.Vein used for blood draws
13.Small vessel that collects blood from a capillary bed
14.Returns blood to the heart
15.Blood type that contains B antibodies and the Rh anitgen
16.Nerve that supplies the biceps brachii
18.Blood clots in deep veins
20.What muscles do to help venous blood flow
21.Type of vein found next to an artery
23.Blood stem cell
24.Cell that ejects its nucleus
27.RBC graveyard
31.Vein found between the subclavian and brachial veins
35.Causes more inflammation
37.Largest unprotected nerve in the body
38.The process of WBCs being attracted to "help chemicals"
40.Tissue responsible for picking up extra fluid at the capillary bed
41.Can cause foreign mismatched blood to clump and be destroyed
44.Shape of a erythrocyte
46.Protein synthesized by an early erythroblast
47.Most are found in lymphatic tissue
48.Color of old blood
51.Found within veins to help venous blood flow
52.Number of days it takes to from a RBC
53.Driving force of "cell feeding"

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