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Clay Vocabulary

Kim Vanoster

8th Grade Pottery Unit Review

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1.pots made by using fingers to pinch open a sphere of clay
5.clay that has only dried slightly and can easliy be bent and manipulated
11.a minerals and chemicals painted on pottery that looks like colored glass
12.a pot made of snakes or coils of clay
16.an oven for clay
17.fired clay
18.objects made of clay
19.clay that is totally dry and ready to go in the kiln
2.pots made of flat slabs of clay
3.baking clay in the kiln
4.to knead the clay and remove air bubbles
6.to rouph up the surface of the clay before connecting to pieces
7.glaze is removed from bottom of pottery to keep it from sticking to kiln
8.clay that is still damp but is stronger that raw clay
9.pottery made on the potter's wheel
10.small cone shaped pieces of clay that melt and turn off the kiln
13.clay and water mixed to form a glue
14.unfired clay
15.moist earth made of decomposed rock

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