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The Face On The MIlk Carton

Lucas Krebs

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1.At what age Janie was stolen?
5.Main character
6.What is Janie's hair color?
7.Janie's last name
8.What state did Janie live with the Johnson?
11.True or False: Hannah kidnapped Janie
13.What is the specific place where Janie was kidnapped?
14.Who is Janie's best friend?
16.Janie's boyfriend
17.True or False: Mr. Johnson kidnapped Janie
18.What grade is Reeve in?
2.What Janie asks for his mother at the beginning of the book, and her mother refuses to show?
3.How old is Janie in the book?
4.Where did Janie found the picture of herself?
5.What is Janie's real name?
9.The state in the US where Janie was kidnapped
10.In what school period did Janie see her picture?
12.Her real mother joined what group when she was young?
14.What is Reeve's last name?
15.What is Janie's real mother's name?

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