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Eco Footprint Quiz #2

Ms. Clemons

Directions: Use this study guide to help you prepare for the vocabulary quiz. No words will be used more than once. Some words may not be used at all. If an answers is two words, enter it into the grid with out spaces. For example GREAT JOB would be entered as GREATJOB! Happy studying. Ms. C. Sedimentary Rock- Igneous Rock- Metamorphic Rock - Rock Cycle - Mineral Resource - Ore - Surface Mining - Subsurface Mining -Smelting - Nonrenewable Resource - Renewable Resource - System - Tragedy of the Commons - Sustainability

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1.Process in which a desired metal is separated from the outer elements in an ore mineral.
3.Extraction of a metal ore or fuel resource such as coal from a deep underground deposit.
5.The ability of earth's various systems to survive and adapt to changing environmental conditions indefinitely.
8.Any solid material that makes up a large, natural, continuous part of the Earth's crust.
9.Rock formed when molten rock material or magma wells up from the earth's interior, cools, and solidifies into rock masses.
10.Rock that forms from the accumulated products of erosion and in some cases from the compacted shells, skeletons, and other remains of dead organisms.
11.Part of a metal-yielding material that can be economically extracted from a mineral; typically containing two parts; the ore mineral and waste material.
12.Resource that can be replenished rapidly through natural process as long as it is not used up faster than it is replaced.
2.Resource that exists in a fixed amount or stock on the earth's crust and has the potential for renewable by geological, physical, and chemical process taking place hundreds of millions to billions of years.
4.rock produced when a preexisting rok is subjected to high temperatures, high pressures, chemically active fluids, or a combination of these agents.
6.Removing soil, subsoil, and other strata and then extracting a mineral deposit found fairly close to earth's surface.
7.The largest and slowest of the earth's cycles, consisting of geologic, physical, and chemical processes that forms and modify rocks and soil in the earth's crust over millions of years.
10.Set of components that function and interact in some regular and theoretically predictable manner.

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