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Eco Foot Print Quiz 1

Ms. Clemons

Direction: This study guide will help you prepare for the test. There is a word bank below. No words will be used more than once. When entering answers that are more than one word DO NOT USE SPACES. For example GREAT JOB would be entered as GREATJOB. -System -Throughput -Sustainability -Flow -Tipping Point -2nd Law of Thermodynamics -1st Law of Thermodynamics -Law of Conservation of Matter -Nonrenewable Resource -Renewable Resource -Tragedy of the Commons -Input -Output -Feedback

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1.Matter, energy, or information flowing out of a system.
7.Energy can never be created or destroyed, only changed from one form of energy to another.
9.Matter, energy, or information flowing out of a system.
10.The ability of Earth's various systems to survive and adapte to changing environmental conditions indefinitely.
12.Depletion of or degradation of a potentially renewable resource to which people have free an unmanaged access.
13.Threshold at which an environmental problem causes a fundamental and irreversible shift in the behavior of a system.
14.Resource that exists in a fixed or limited amount in Earth's crust and has the potential for renewal by geological, physical, and chemical processes taking place over hundreds or millions to billions of years.
2.Rate of flow of matter, energy, or information through a system.
3.In any physical or chemical change, matter is neither created nor destroyed, but merely changed from one form to another.
4.Any process that increases or decreases a change to a system.
5.Rate of flow or matter, energy, or information through a system.
6.In and conversion of heat energy to useful work, some energy will be degraded to a lower, less useful form of energy.
8.Resources that can be replenished rapidly (in hours or several decades) through natural process as long as it is not used up faster than it is replaced.
11.A set of components that function and interact in some regular and theoretically predictable manner

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