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American Revolution

1 2 3 4     5   6  
7                     8             9
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  31                     32
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36                     37       38  
39     40 41                  
  42                     43  
      44 45          
  47               48      

4.site in Boston of the Boston Tea Party
7.British governing body believed it had legal power over the colonies
8.it imposed taxes on newspapers in the colonies
12.tar and _____
14.leader of the colonial army
16.main city of Pennsylvania
20.This act stated that Britain had the right to make laws for the colonists
21.why Parliament had to raise taxes
23.Thomas Paine's book
24.local colonial army
28.how some New England merchants made extra money
31.first shots of the revolution were fired here
34.English political writer who influenced Jefferson
36.America's smartest man, Benjamin ___
37.he rode a horse to warn of coming British soldiers
40.another name for the British soldiers
42.French territory in North America
44.rebel Samuel Adam's occupation
46.the mother country
47.nickname for a northern colonist
48.Britain had the worlds largest most powerful one
49.to develop gradually over time
50.to cancel or withdraw a law
51.New York City's river
1.when soldiers live in private home
2.learned men of the Enlightenment
3.what Parliament wanted the colonies to do
4.commander of the British Army
5.Five American rioters were killed in this incident
6.United States of America for short
9.a formal agreement between nations
10.people who did not take sides in the Revolution
11.a sudden and violent change in how things are done
13.Sugar, Stamp, Tea, Townsend were all these
15.government in which citizens are allowed to participate
17.how the British saw and treated the colonists
18.capital of Massachusetts
19.Declaration of Independence author
22.number of American colonies
25.style of fighting favoured by the colonists
26.capital of Great Britain
27.another word for a law
29.a colonist who sided with Britain
30.Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx
32.forced labourers in the southern states
33.home state of Jefferson and Washington
35.this European nation came to the aid of the colonists
38.what Parliament did not respect of the colonists
39.another word for freedom
41.how the colonists saw themselves
43.who lost the 7 Years War
45.it's made from molasses

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