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Holocaust Crossword Puzzle

By Luci Church

Match the words with the definitions

1 2
  3 4        
        8             9   10  
11                   12  
17                 18

4.the german word for jew
6."night of broken glass"
8.the belief that jews should have their own country in palestine
9.national socialist german workers' party - the partyof adolf hitler and those in power in germany during WW2
11.the joining together of Austria and Germany
13.the removal of people from their areas of residency for resettlement elsewhere. usually done with foreigners in a time of war.
15.prejudice against jews
16.an interment camp holding enemies of germany - most often identified with jews during WW2
17."lighting war" - the term used to describe german military strategy during WW2
19.the systematic annihilation of a whole people or nation
1.the german secret police
2.the site of the largest nazi execution camp - the complex that El ie Wiesel spent most of his time in.
3.the name given to the deaths of over six million jews during WW2
5.the term used for the official policy of the extermination of all european jews
7.According to the nazis, the master race
10.poisonous gas used to exterminate millions of jews during the holocaust
12.at the end of WW2, nazi attempted to keep jews from being liberated by the allies so they forced jews to march westward. thousands died during these.
14.originally hitler's elite guard - later in charge of the death camps
18.the walled section of a city in which jews were required to live during the holocaust

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