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Catching Fire

Donavin Vonhatten

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1.what was Katniss's weapon of choice?
4.what does Gale call Katniss?
5.what did Katniss use to cover her wound with?
7.what did Peeta give Katniss
9.what group in the games did Katniss want to kill first?
11.what did the platform the cornucopia sat on resemble?
12.what was the name of the book?
15.what type of animal attacked the group?
16.what did haymitch drink all the time?
18.who wanted to plan to Katniss and Peeta's weding
21.who blew up the force feild
23.what was on the pin Katniss wore?
24.what did Peeta where around his neck?
25.who was Katniss going to marry?
1.where did the group camp?
2.what did Johannah cut out of Katniss's arm?
3.what was beetes nickname?
6.what role was Katniss supposed to be playing?
8.what was one of the things that showed where the force field was?
10.what did katniss's dres turn into?
13.who was the first to become Katniss's Ali?
14.how did Katniss know to become alies?
17.who cut Katniss's wrist?
19.what weapon was in beetre hand when he was found?
20.what kind of terrain was the games on?
22.who's place did Peeta take in the reaping?

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