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Economics Crossword

Tom, Charlie, Polina

3               4
  5 6                  
12   13                    

2.The cost of the next best alternative, which is foregone when a choice is made.
3.An excess of demand over supply
5.(efficiency)where consumer satisfaction is maximised
7.The total benefits of a particular action.
8.Another name for competitive products
9.The benefits directly accruing to those taking a particular action.
10.Оutput, or production, of a good or service per worker.
12.It can be negative or positive
1.The purchase of goods and services at levels that fall below the available supply
3.A payment, usually from the government, to encourage production or consumption of a product.
4.Where the best use of resources is made for the benefit of consumers.
6.The quantity and quality of human resources
11.Goods which have more private benefits than their consumers actually realise.
13.A fee charged (levied) by a government on a product, income, or activity

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