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Chapter 10 Economic Growth

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3.Roads that require a toll to use
5.Powerful steamboat developed by Robert Fulton
7.The economic system of the United States in which people invest their money into businesses hoping to make a profit.
9.Identical machine parts that could be quickly put together to make a complete product
10.A Kentucky Senator who is noted for attempting to resolve sectional disputes through compromise. Primary architect of the Missouri Compromise
11.Policy laid out by President James Monroe that stated America would not allow any further colonization of North and South America by European countries
12.Connected the cities of Albany and Buffalo New York with the Erie River
13.A time of national unity and the absence of political divisions under President James Monroe
18.Hero of the War of 1812, also invaded and seized forts in Spanish East Florida. Would become the 7th President of the United States.
21.Innovator of the "factory system," his Massachusetts textile mills were highly thought of during the Industrial Revolution
26.Treaty that saw Spain cede Florida to the United States in return for the United States giving up claims to Texas
27.An economic system in which people are free to buy, sell, and produce whatever they want
28.Shares of ownership in a country
30.Spoke eloquently in defense of the nation as a whole against sectional interests. Notably quoted as saying "Liber and Union, now and forever, one and inseperable!"
31.Separate compartments in a canal in which water levels are raised and lowered
1.Federal, state, and privately funded projects such as canals and roads to help develop the nation's transportation system
2.The change from an agrarian socieity to one based on industry which began in Great Britain and spread to the United States around 1800
3.scientific discoveries that simplify work
4.gives an inventor the sole legal right to the invention and its profits for a certain period of time
6.Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that made a controversial ruling in the case of McCulloch v. Maryland
8.Provided for the admission of Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a Free State
14.Removing armed forces from an area (usually a border zone)
15.Loyalty to one's region rather than one's country
16.This system included protective tariffs, an intenral improvements program, and a national bank to control inflation
17.A system of bringing manufacturing steps together in one place to increase efficiency
19.Developed a powerful steamboat engine named the "Clermont"
20.One of the warhawks who had called for war with Great Britain in 1812. He championed the idea of state sovereignty and became a strong opponent of nationlist polices.
22.To be put on trial by a military court
23.The removal of weapons
24.Invented by Eli Whitney, this machine quickly and efficiently removed the seeds from cotton fiber
25.An artificial (man-made) waterway
29.An official count of the population

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