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Vocabulary 4.00

Courtney Best

Vacabulary from 4.00

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4.Marketing data that are gathered informally from internal and external sources; may or
5.A marketing function that involves gathering, accessing,
9.Data available from inside and outside the business that have been processed and
11.Measures of different aspects of society based on the
15.Knowledge, facts, or data presented in a useful form.
16.Marketing research that collects information to help the business define its issue,
18.A quantitative measure of the average number of times a target consumer is exposed to an advertising
19.The division of a market on the basis of where consumers are located.
20.An internal network similar to the Internet that is accessible only by authorized personnel; used to access
1.An organized way of continuously gathering,
2.An approximate judgment or calculation. An approximation of data; an “educated guess”
3.Moving information through the appropriate channels or making information accessible
6.Something that actually exists; reality; truth, a true statement.
7.Surveying individuals via the postal service to obtain research data.
8.Facts and figures located inside the company.
10.Software applications using database technology that enables a
12.A marketing-research method that tests cause and effect by test marketing new products or comparing
13.Records why items or orders are cancelled (i.e.pricing, back-order situation, color?); Used to
14.Facts and figures available in locations outside the company.
17.A statement of the expected outcomes of a research project; a proposed explanation for something

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