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4.00 Vocabulary

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2.Marketing research that focuses on cause and effect and tests "what if?" theories. Also known as
6.Text files that are put on a web-site visitor’s hard disk and then later retrieved during subsequent visits to the
9.The edge achieved by businesses that offer something better than their competitors.
13.Surveying individuals via e-mail or Internet web sites to obtain research
18.The basic issue that managers are facing; the reason they believe marketing
19.Facts and figures, Information and facts.
20.The division of a market on the basis of its physical and social characteristics.
1.Computerized storage for information and facts. A virtual storage unit for information.
3.Causal research; marketing research that focuses on cause and effect and test “what if”
4.Economical; good value in relation to the price, or cost.
5.A qualitative sales forecasting method that gathers opinions from company executives and from
7.Reports requiring salespeople to provide details (such as number of calls made, new accounts
8.The division of a market on the basis of consumers' response to a product
10.Marketing research that gathers specific information related to the identified issue,
11.A measure of how well a business has met its customers’ expectations
12.Accustomed to making choices
14.The process of collecting facts and figures
15.Handling information, especially facts. Handling facts and figures. Analyzing the facts and
16.Records of salespeople’s meetings or contacts with customers
17.Online storage that enables users to upload, store, and access their files via the Internet; users’ files

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