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Mrs. Street

Terms and stages in the cell cycle

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3.first and longest stage of Mitosis, where chromatin condenses into to chromosomes
6.Programed cell death
9.The process of cell's replicating (two words)
10.stage of Interphase where the DNA is replicated
16.area covered by the plasma membrane (two words)
19.Unspecialized cells that can develop into specialized cells (two words)
20.Structures that contain identical copies of DNA (two words)
21.where the cell is actually divided into two new cells
1.Stage where the sister chromtids line up on the middle of the cell
2.The stage of the cell cycle in which the cell's nuclear material divides
4.Stage where chromatids are pulled to the poles or ends of the cell
5.space taken by inter contants of the cell
7.The stage of the cell where it is growing and replicating DNA
8.The last stage of mitosis where the cell' chromosomes arrive at the poles and two new nuclear envelopes develop
11.Important in moving the chromosomes before cell division (two words)
12.cancer causing substances
13.relaxed form of DNA
14.A process where the cell divides
15.Center of the chromosome where the sister chromatids are attached
17.Structures that contain genetic material
18.uncontroled cell growth

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