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Day, Year, Seasons

7th Grade

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    15 16    

1.to spin in place around an axis
3.one complete cycle of the Earth spinning toward and away from the Sun
5.the season in Elk Grove when the NH is tilted TOWARDS the Sun
7.the first day of spring (2 Words)
8.an imaginary line that runs through a planet from the North to South Poles
11.the longest day of the year (2 Words)
13.the apparent path of the sun across the sky
14.to move around another object
17.the word that describes how the seasons in the NH compare to the seasons in the SH
2.means equal day and night
4.the first day of fall (2 Words)
6.the shortest day of the year (2 Words)
9.the length of the shadows made when the sun is high in the sky
10.the season in Elk Grove when the NH is tilted AWAY from the Sun
11.the time of day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky (2 Words)
12.the extra day that is added the the 4th year to make up for the extra 1/4 day each year (2 Words)
15.the length of the shadows made when the sun is low in the sky
16.one complete revolution of the Earth around the Sun

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