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La Navidad pasada

Señora Avila

Escribe el verbo en español en el pretérito. Si hay dos palabras en una respuesta, hay un espacio (space) en medio.

1 2
7 8                   9
    11 12    

3.Grandma and Grandpa REMEMBERED old times when they only received one gift each.
4.First, we CLEANED out the guest bedroom for Grandma and Grandpa.
5.My oldest sister got a ring as a gift and immediately COMPREHENDED that her boyfriend wanted to marry her.
7.We PREPARED the ham for dinner.
10.Dad PRAYED before the meal.
13.Grandma OPENED her gift first because we insisted. (Use: "abrir")
14.We ATTENDED to the candle-light Christmas Eve church service. (Use: "asistir")
1.The little kids BEHAVED POORLY.
2.Dad donated part of our Christmas money to our favorite charity.
6.You guys DECORATED the whole house with lights.
8.The younger cousins RECEIVED gifts from everyone. We just drew names.
9.Mom SPOKE to her sister in Kansas on the phone.
11.We DRANK hot chocolate together as we opened gifts.
12.Mom FORGOT to turn on the oven for the cinnamon rolls.

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