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Chemical Reactions

Ashlyn Reed

Vocabulary words and things you need to know for my type of chemical reactions.

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2.What is an expectation in an experiment? (onamonapia)
3.What makes a cloud in the microwave?
4.What makes cornstarch turn into a goop?
6.What kind of reactions are these?
11.What kind of powder makes a goop when mixed with water?
13.What is the topic?
15.You always want _______, but they only happen in mad scientist movies.
16.What chart shows all the names of the elements? (2 Words)
17.What liquid fizzes with baking soda?
18.Can make different chemicals and liquids boil.
19.The periodic table abbreviation for water.
1.Always wear for eye protection.
3.You don't _____, you waft.
5.A person who studies science.
7.The amount of outcomes you can get.
8.What are you LOOKing for?
9.What makes vinegar fizz? (2 Words)
10.Something you need to pay during experiments and any other time.
12.What blows the soap up?
14.The number one priority in experimental situations.

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