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Chapter 9 Section 3

Peter Campanelli

1 2 3
6           7        
8               9  
    10   11
12   13                        
17           18      

5.Alexander wants to expand empire to the _______________ but his army refuses (3 Words)
6.On the way back to Greece Alexander _______ at age 33
7.Alexander the ________
8.Philip and Alexander are from this region
12.Which city-state is the best? (4 Words)
14.Alexander is Philip's __________
15.Center of culture and learning ________, Egypt
16.a group of Greek warriors who held 16-foot long spears
17.DOWN WITH _________!!!
18.Alexander slices Gordium ________
1.Macedonian king, he was a brilliant military leader who defeated the Greeks
2.Romans conquer Hellenistic ___________ in 60s BC
3.Son of Philip II and he was one of the greatest military commanders in history (3 Words)
4.greek like
9.Macedonia, under Philip, conquered _________, Greece
10.Philip II murdered at daughter's _____________
11.Alexander (easily) conquered _____________, to fulfill Philip's goal
13.After Alexander died, three __________ each took part of the empire

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