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Chapter 12 Meteorology

Marissa Tryon

Chapter 12 Meterorology

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1.A large parcel of air that takes on the characteristics of the area over which it forms is a?
5.When an air mass traels over land or water that has different characteristics thatn those of its source region, it undergoes?
6.Maritime air masses originate over this?
10.The second wind system that flows between 30 degrees and 60 degrees latitude north and south of the equator? (2 Words)
13.Wind that is forced upward creating an area of?
14.The Earths rotation causes this?
2.The are near the Equator is called a?
3.Weather is te current state of the?
4.What is located 30 degrees north and south of the latitude?
7.What winds blow between 30 degrees and 60 degrees north and south latitude?
8.What is the calssification for an air mass that originates over Alaska and Canada?
9.This separates thepolar easterlies from the prevailing westerlies?
11.What does an anemometer measure?
12.Narrow bands of fast, high-altitude, westerly winds called?

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