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Canadian Public Policy and The Judicial System

Ms. Lovell

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3.protected from dismissal
5.settles claims up to $1000.00
8.the judicial branch of the government
9.often compete for funds for their departments
11.deals with family matters
13.roles such as teachers, doctors, and nurses
15.reviews decisions of public servants
16.can overturn decisions made by lower courts
17.bill dies and does not become law
20.bill becomes an act of Parliament
21.Justice of the Peace
23.what Canadian judges are
24.municipal responsibility
25.MPs vote on bill
26.all accused people have a right to this
27.deals with criminal cases involving youth
28.a broad statement of what the tovernment does
29.deals with criminal offences
1.interpret laws made and administered
2.senior court in Canada
4.shared responsibility
6.no one can be forced to do this at their own trial
7.federal responsibility
10.MPs debate strengths/weaknesses of a proposed bill
11.no debate or discussion
12.studies details of a proposed bill
14.provincial responsibility
18.bill may be changed
19.deals with immigration, income tax, patents
22.spent 23 years in jail for a crime he did not commit

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