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Week 11 crossword Nurse 116

Joshua Roberson

1 2
      4 5
  6   7                    
  9       10      
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3.A person that has been given a specific task to carry out by nursing manager.
7.Pitfall of employee analysis that allows a positive or negative rating on one quality to influence the ratings on other qualities.
11.This term means the ability to work together.
14.Procedure in which increasingly stiffer penalties are imposed for repeated acts of indiscipline.
15.This is when both the nurse and delegatee work together to provide care.
16.What approach of discipline is most effective?
17.Passing a responsibility or task from one person to another.
1.This type of behavior welcomes new members of a group, and assists others in the group.
2.Positive approach to the process of evaluation that establishes realistic targets for performance improvement in employees
3.The National Council of State Boards of Nursing created this to assist the nurse to correctly delegate the task to the correct delegatee.
4.The most severe disciplinary action.
5.What is stage two of team development?
6."Norming-team comes together as a cohesive unit" is what of team development?
8.The delegator needs to selct the _____ staff to carry out the activities that are to be delegated.
9.Nurse is _____ responsible for tasks delegated.
10.A system set up for holding employees reponsible for their actions.
12.A ____ plan is created to show an employee what they need to improve on and a time frame to accomplish that improvement.
13.The final characteristic of high performance is ______ leadership.

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