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Digital and Film-Based Photography Crossword

1                 2
4     5   6  
  7         8
  13   14                  
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  24         25         26

1.Famous black and white Landscape Photographer
3.File format that is un-flattened
4.the little dots that make up an image
7._ _ _ _ _ and burn (used to lighten or darken areas of a picture in the darkroom)
9.What you adjust to increase or decrease the amount of light hitting your film or sensor.
11.Three legged device used to steady camera
14.The thing in your film based camera that tells you when theres enough or too much light
15.The main tool of the trade
17.famous photographer known for taking self portraits
18.What you adjust on you camera to change the sensitivity to light
20.A brownish hue added to black and white photographs
22.Software used to edit photographs
23.the metal used in photographic paper and film
24.What you look through to take a picture
25.what you use in your enlarger to adjust contrast
27.What you do to make a picture clear
2.Internal camera software that ensures that your pictures will not be blurred.
5.Something you download to editing software to adjust the color to pair with printer.
6.The type of picture you take of a person, usually from the shoulders up.
8.What you press on you camera to take a picture
10.cutting down an image or masking out part of it when developing
12.One of the companies that started the first cameras that could be used by a commercial audience
13.where you develop your film based pictures
16.What you get when you develop film
17.Portrait or Landscape are different forms of this.
19.You do this after you have made a black and white print to add color
21.Universal file format used for photo sharing
22.What you make from your negatives in the darkroom
25.What you use to add light to a picture.
26.what you load your film onto before devloping it

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