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Vocabulary 4.00

Courtney Best

Vacabulary 4.00

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4.A formal statement of what a marketing-research study will achieve.
9.Marketing Information developed from data that have already been collected by others
12.A marketing-research method that involves asking consumers questions in order to learn their opinions and the
17.Forecasting methods based on expert opinion and personal experience.
18.Giving the same results every time.
19.A record of customers and the product(s) that they requested, along with
20.Forecasting methods based on numerical market data.
1.Based on fact; relevant. Measuring what the researcher intends to measure.
2.A record of customers and the product(s) that they requested, along with
3.The entity or element that is being studied in market research (e.g., individual, household, etc.)
5.Surveying individuals via phone to obtain research data
6.An economic and sociological measure of a person’s income, education, and occupation
7.Exploratory research conducted with the purpose of providing a more complete understanding
8.A qualitative sales forecasting method that gathers information about consumers'
10.Activities involved in gathering information and creating goods and/or services
11.A master plan detailing how research will be carried out; identifies types of data needed, how
13.Facts and figures that have been collected for purposes other than the project at hand.
14.The types of information studied in a marketing-research project (e.g., brand awareness,
15.Numerical facts and figures
16.A prediction of future sales over a specific period of time.

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