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The Convention of 1836

Ford Middle School TX History Teachers

This puzzle helps students with the objectives to be learned during Texas' quest for independence from Mexico and setting up a government.

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2.branch of government that judges or interprets the law for a nation
5.branch of government that enforces/carries out the lawfor a nation
8.a formal request made to the government
11.branch of government that makes the laws for a nation
12.The Texas Declaration of Independence listed these against the Mexican govenrnment
13.Mexico denied the Texan's rights under this document of 1824
1.people who had to petition the government to remain in Texas
3.delegate responsible for writing most of the Texas Declaration, using the U.S. Declaration as a aguide
4.delegate that was selected as ad-interim president of the Republic of Texas
6.The Constitution of 1836 listed these, which gave basic human allowances to Texans that a government cannot take away
7.a meeting held in 1836 where Texas delegates declared their independence from Mexico
10.The 2nd day of this month is when Texan's declared their Independence from Mexico

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