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Harry Potter Crossword

1 2 3
4 5 6                   7         8 9
  10               11
  12           13                   14           15    
17                   18                                    
20               21 22             23       24                
26 27         28   29                                    
31               32             33      
            34             35                      
  36     37                
38                     39             40                  
41   42     43                 44          
45     46       47       48                  
                  49           50 51
  54                                     55     56       57      
      59                         60                      
  61 62                      
63         64         65               66              
          67           68    
69     70                       71             72               73      
74   75                       76                     77                      
        78           79 80              
              81                                     82          
        83 84       85               86  
  87                                   88                  
89                     90    
            91                   92    
              93         94 95
          96         97               98         99           100      
101               102            
  103                       104   105   106                          
        107           108                      
  111                       112        
113                     114                  

6.Wizard and Witches who have Muggle Parents
7.Magical Object used by Witches and Wizards to perform Magic
12.A letter that yells at you. One was given to Ron Weasley in his 2nd Year
13.A magical creature that can only be seen by people who have witnessed death
14.Quidditch Position. Defends the Hoops from the Chasers
17.Magical Spell that takes the form of an animal and protects you from Dementors
18.Dark road full of dark witches and Wizards
20.Ghost of Ravenclaw House. Daughter of Ravenclaw Founder
21.Ghost of Hufflepuff House
24.Quiddtich player. Holds bats and beats the Bludger toward other team
27.Defense against the Dark's Art Teacher Harry's 3rd Year
29.Wizarding Pub in London
30.Magical Quidditch ball designed to hit people off there brooms
31.A wizard who elects to turn into an animal
34.Dangerous Tournament held Harry's 4th year
38.Huge creature known to live in the Black Lake
39.Defense agains the Dark Arts Teacher Harry's 1st year
41.Mcgonagall turns into one of these
44.Magical Quidditch Gold Ball worth 150 Points and ends the game
46.Said about Harry and Voldemort. Told to Dumbledore by Trelawny. Overheard by Snape
52.Hogwarts House represented by an Eagle
54.Voldemort's most loyal follower
56.Girlfriend of Harry Potter in his 5th year. Kissed under the mistletoe in the Room of Requirements
58.Defense against the Dark Art's Teacher Harry's 2nd Year
59.Class that teaches you about Magical Animals
63.Hall in Hogwarts where Students come to eat
66.A term used by Wizards and Witches to discribe non magical people
70.Radio Station on the lookout for Harry Potter with the 2nd Wizarding War
71.First task of the Triwizard Tournament. Charlie Weasley works with them for a living
72.Friend of Harry Potter's who's dad runs the Quibbler
74.Ghost of Slytherin House
76.Has a Magical Eye that can see all around. Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher Harry's 4th year.
77.Harry Potter's Best Friend
80.White Snow Owl. Belongs to Harry Potter
81.Ghost of Gryffindor House
82.Snake who is under Voldemort's Control
85.Magical Object owned by Dumbledore to see past memories
87.Can bring people back from the dead
88.Magical creature half horse and half eagle
89.Sirius Black's Anamagus form
91.Hogwarts House represented by a Badger
93.Neville has this for a pet
96.Popular Pub in Hogsmeade
99.Hogwarts Transfiguration Professor. Head of Gryffindor House
103.Headmaster at Hogwarts
104.Group who follow and support Voldemort
108.The Wizarding Bank located in Diagon Ally
109.Male Twins that get into trouble
110.Hogwarts House represented by a Snake
111.Evil Dark Lord who killed Harry's Parents
112.Potions Master from Harry's 1st to 5th year. Head of Slytherin House
113.Wizards and Witches who have no muggle blood in them
114.Magical shops only 3rd years and above can attend
1.The Object in which you enter your name into for the Triwizard Tournament
2.Wizards and Witches who's Parents are both Magical and Muggle
3.Class that teaches you defend against evil magic
4.Hagrid's Half Brother
5.Hogwarts Cartaker
6.Filch's cat. Student's are as afraid of her as Filch
8.Forest where Dark things live near Hogwarts
9.Train that Wizards and Witches take to Hogwarts
10.Highed by the wealthy to help around the house
11.Newspaper read by Wizards and Witches
15.Class that Teaches you about Transforming Objects
16.Makes the wearer invisible
19.Giant Snake that can kill at a glance
22.Wizarding Prison. Broken out of by Sirius Black
23.Put all 3 of these together makes you master of death
25.Girl Ghost who haunts the girls Bathroom
26.Sporting Game that is popular among Wizards and Witches
28.Magical Dark Object that can only be created though murder
32.Red Ball worth 10 Points if you get it though the hoop. Used by the Chasers
33.perfered drink of Witches and Wizards
35.Magical Room in Hogwarts that will turn into whatever the seeker want's
36.Magical Road behind the 3 Broomsticks
37.Smartest Witch at Hogwarts. Friends with Harry Potter
40.Father of Draco. Known Death Eater
42.Magical Creature. Harry Ron and Hermione defeated this in Book 1
43.Unknown Department at the Ministry of Magic
45.Author of the Harry Potter Series
47.Magical School for Witches and Wizards
48.Minister of Magic though Harry's 5th year
49.Class that teaches you to look beyond and into the future
50.Herbology Teacher. Head of Hufflepuff House
51.Potion Master and Head of Slytherin House during Harry's 6th and 7th Year
53.Secret Group set to take on Voldemort
55.Ghost Troublemaker
57.Main Character. Parents killed by Voldemort
60.Magical Creatures half man and half horse.
61.Group of 4 friends who invented a map
62.Tell's 1st year student's what house they belong to.
64.Property of the __________
65.A wizard who turns into a wolf at the Full moon
67.Secret Chamber underneath the Bathroom built by Slytherin
68.Most Powerful wand in the world
69.Works in the Ministry of Magic to get rid of all Muggleborns. Defense against the Dark Art's Teacher Harry's 5th Year
73.Hogwarts House represented by a Lion
75.Store in Diagon Ally where 11 year old Wizard's and Witches buy there Wands
78.Wizarding Government underneath London
79.Girlfriend of Harry Potter. Has 6 Brothers.
83.Rich Slytherin Student that dislikes Harry Potter
84.Quiddtich Player who Catches the Snitch
86.Station that the Hogwarts Express leaves from in London
90.Term used to insult Wizards or Witches that are Muggleborn
92.Control the Vaults at Gringotts
94.Free Elf once known to live with the Malfoy's
95.Charms Professor and Head of Ravenclaw House
96.Professor of Divination
97.Hogwarts Professor who died but continues to Teach
98.3 of them Per team. They try and score in Quiddtich by putting the Quaffle though one of 3 hoops
100.Plant used to breath underwater for an hour
101.Guards of Azkaban. Feed off Happy Memories
102.Class that Teaches you about Plants
105.Giant Spider owned and loved by Hagrid
106.Hogwarts Gamekeeper and Care of Magical Creatures Teacher
107.Class that teaches how to Brew items.

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