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Golf Trivia Crossword

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1.Who won the 2012 Australian Masters? (2 Words)
8.What is the term in match play, when one of the golfers achieves a lead that matches the number of holes remaining (ie three holes up with three holes to play).
9.Founded in 1891 in Melbourne, which is the oldest golf club in continous use? (2 Words)
11.Who is considered Australia's best male golfer, with 81 wins worldwide including 5 British Opens? (2 Words)
12.Which golf club is considered to be the "Home of Golf"? (2 Words)
13.Which distiller of a Single Malt Whiskey from the Isle of Skye, sponsored the Australian 2012 Masters?
14.What is Tiger Woods christian name?
2.Born in Ayr Queensland, who is considered to be the most successful female Australian golfer with 38 LPGA wins. (2 Words)
3.What is Greg Norman's nickname? (2 Words)
4.Who is considered the most famous female golfer of all time with 93 professional wins? (2 Words)
5.Which Victorian course held the 2012 Men's Australian Masters? (2 Words)
6.Where was the 2012 Emirates Australian Open held? (2 Words)
7.Where was Adam Scott born?
10.Established in 1839, this golf course is considered to be the oldest in Australia. Where is it in Tasmania?

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