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1         2   3
  4   5
6                   7      
8         9  
    10                     11
15                     16  
  17 18 19          
      21   22   23      
24   25                
26               27
29       30        

1.thigh region
6.palm of the hand
7.a term related to an ear infection
10.in between the wrist and elbow
13.breast areas and glands of the same name located there
14.where you typically apply antipersperant and deoderant
15.the most numerous bones in your body. "Point" them out to me.
16.a prefix meaning "without" or "lacking"
19.between antebrachium and palm of hand
20.I like you, "butt" not a whole lot
21.your "thinking" end
25.sole of your foot
26.need this to drive a manual shift vehicle
28.the lowest part of our "flexible" spinal column
29.mouth end or opening
31.upper chest and shoulder area
2.ventral surface or direction
3.posterior knee region
4.you're a real "jerk"
5.a nonsense term to fill out the puzzle
7.houses an eye
8.the chest region
9.in between the elbow and shoulder
11.flat or arched foot
12.you may have an "innie" or and "outie"
17.the "hippest" part of your anatomy
18.I ride a "crotch" rocket
21.the neck region
22.something you really "kneed"
23.where you find a "beer belly", or "six pack" in a very fit person
24.olfactory sense
27.ankle region

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