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Maniac Magee Puzzle

Patrick A. Vidal

15 vocabulary Maniac Magee words

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1.Difficult tasks or actions
5.Grayson's famous pitch - he discovered it when in the Texas League
7.The white townspeople live in the _____ _______. (2 words)
8.Maniac's favorite snack.
11.Amanda likes to carry an ____________
13.Maniac is an __________. When one doesn't have any parents.
14.Were does Maniac finally go at the end of the story?
15.What the McNabb's were making in their living room.
2.The death of Maniac's parents occurred on a ____________ ride.
3.The equipment room shared by both Maniac and Grayson
4.The black townspeople live in the _____ _______. (2 words)
6.When someone has a reaction to something. Maniac had an_______ to pizza.
9.A ceremony for the dead.
12.Maniac says this when Grayson read a book by himself.

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