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English III Review

Ms. Fath

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4.A device in literature where an object represents an idea
6.The group of people the author was PROBABLY writing for.
7.a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a moral lesson or meaning
8.the point of greatest intensity in a series or progression of events in a play, often forming the turning point of the plot and leading to some kind of resolution.
11.the series of conflicts or struggles that build a story toward a climax.
12.to restate or rewrite text in your own words in the same length as the original
14.A ______ allusion is a reference to a person, a place, or an event in history
17.the series of events following the climax
18.The writer's statement of purpose. Every well-written essay will have one. It is how the reader identifies what the writer is arguing.
21.prove to be false or incorrect
22.A word with a strong connotation that is more exciting or emotional than the original word
23.the part of a text that introduces the theme, chief characters, and current beginnings of conflict
25.a comparison of two different things that are similar in some way
28.What the author is trying to do by writing. Inform, persuade, or entertain.
29.A point in the argument the author is making. A ________ is a claim backed up by facts.
30.a ______ allusion reference in some type of entertainment or work of art to a literary work, usually through a direct quote from the original work
32.The overall feeling a reader gets from the text
33.to give knowledge to readers--this is a type of purpose.
35.to give the reader something enjoyable to read--this is a type of purpose
38.The writer's attitude toward his or her subject/topic
39.An argument or claim that goes against the original argument.
40.Like a summary and a review. Unlike a summary, it expresses opinion.
41.A literary tone used to ridicule or make fun of human vice or weakness, often with the intent of correcting, or changing, the subject of the satiric attack.
42.struggle in the story, creates tension and rising action
43.Giving credit to the text you got information from by putting the author and page number after a direct quote, summary, or paraphrase.
1.a scene set in a time earlier than the main story
2.The most _______ _________ is the word that has the closest meaning to an original word
3.A device in literature that gives human characteristics to abstract ideas or non-human things
4.To capture all the most important parts of the original story, but express them in a much shorter space, and in the readers own words.
5.A word from the prefix “ir” (not) and relevant (connected), meaning not connected or not important.
8.refers to the implied or suggested meanings associated with a word beyond its dictionary definition...sometimes an emotional association
9.How an author shows you what a character is like through adjectives (direct) or thoughts, words, and actions (indirect).
10.A sentence structure in which similar forms of nouns, verbs, phrases, or thoughts. Maintains balance. e.g. "Lilly likes reading, writing, and skiing" instead of "Lilly likes to read, write, and go skiing"
13.a ______ allusion is a reference to a particular event or character in classical works of literature, such as ancient Roman or Greek works.
15.This type of question asks you to questions ask you to think more—to make an educated guess—to think beyond the information given based on what you know from your life.
16.How an author feels about a topic
19.The repeated use of sounds, words, or ideas for effect and emphasis
20.The ending to the story that states the final outcome of the conflict and/or what might lie ahead for the characters in the story.
24.to convince readers of something--this is a type of purpose.
26.This is a statement that cannot be proven and can be argued about. They may be supported with facts. Examples: Golf is boring. Pizza is delicious. Math is the hardest subject.
27.the moral or lesson that the author is teaching the reader. The main message the writer wished to share with the reader.
31.The time and place where a story happens
34.To go against
36.a reference to someone or something that is known from history, literature, religion, politics, sports, science, or some other branch of culture
37.This is a statement that can be proven true or false. Example: Statistically, women live longer than men

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