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Amys Magical Crossword

Big Daddy

1 2 3 4
5 6   7             8 9                  
11           12 13 14    
        15 16                      
      17             18                    
  22                       23 24              
25     26           27             28 29      
32               33 34     35          
      36         37      
  38 39             40        
41 42             43      
      44             45            
46               47       48    
    49     50          
53 54      

6.Etzio is a
9.Sometimes a combat aircraft must
10.That is mahogany!
16.A movie very simliar to the above reference but you've never watched it
17.If you have a panda and a graham cracker you have....
18.What color was the living room supposed to be?
19.Treasure Hunting for the modern day.
20.A CP-140 is also known as a what in amys world? (Hint, it has this in common with a certain camaro)
22.Rocks have been known to rain in this area
23.Its elemental
25.Little ball of fur.
27.What is beneath the underworld?
29.Odin is to norsemen what Zeus is to greeks what who is to Egyptians.
31.Je taime
32.The first snorkeling animal experience we shared
35.The first scuba animal experience we shared
36.A style of cooking that uses a flame
39.Underwater adventures.
40.When you play gun games you want to ensure you have this type of sight...
41.Oran likes to eat trash and...
44.On a christmas trip home with the puppers we survived this
45.Something we love to do, but drives Etienne nuts in COD
46.It hurts but feels so good especially on your birthday
47.Rasalom's eon old enemy
49.The ultimate wedgie experience in the trees!
51.In ancient days this sea animal was often confused for a giant sea serpent.
52.A magicians speech is known as
55.A measurement that is important to divers but rarely used
56.Its soooo coool!
57.Tex Mex's favorite spice!
58.Abbreviation for the greatest branch in the military!
1.Who you gonna call?
2.I love you :)
3.Yetis can be found here as well as great memories!
4.Not a planet
5.Love me or hate me as long as your not a
6.Bumble Bee
7.Being dead and alive is very hard work - I'd hate to be his cat
8.The final phase of a magical illusion
11.Welcome to the ___________ island!
12.Although oxygen gas is colorless, the liquid and solid forms of oxygen are
13.Medusa is a
14.Breaking down chemicals
15.The one plane we will never ever fly on again
21.Before facebook there was.....
24.What avenger is also a roman hero?
26.Smart things for smart masses.
28.A stick with no branches
30.Zombie games are more fun when they are from what view?
33.Another name for a fox of the north
34.What does a red car and the number 58.933195 have in common?
37.An instrument that is b flat
38.Dawn is as night turns to day, this is as day turns into night.
42.An unexpected journey
43.The first wine that we ever brewed
48.A kitchen utility that makes making hot chocolate easy
50.Everybody knows the origonal vampire, but what about the origonal werewolf?
52.The sound that a Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation makes
53.Scariest thing we seen on our adventures on the road
54.The goddess associated with the harvest and Amy Snow have what in common?

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