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Nullarbor Plain

The Nullarbor Plain is part of the area of flat, almost treeless arid or semi arid country of southern Australia, located north of the Great Australian Bight and south of the Great Victoria Desert. It is the largest single piece of limestone in the world, and is about 200,000 square kilometres in size: Very big. It overlaps both Western Australia and South Australia.

Null means "None" and arbor means "trees"... this desert is totally treeless. There are also no rivers or streams, and there is almost no rain. There are numerous beautiful limestone caves in the Nullarbor plain called "karst"

There are some animals which live on the Nullarbor, including native emus, kangaroos, wallabies and introduced camels.

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3.Limestone can produce incredible c______.
4.The name of this desert is the N_________ plain.
8.Australians measure area in square k__________.
9.Opposite of West.
11.G_______ Australian Bight.
12.A native animal found on the Nullarbor Plain.
13.The Great Victoria _________.
16.Great Australian _________.
17.Null means ________ in Latin.
18.A native animal found on the Nullarbor Plain.
19.What are there none of on the Nullarbor Plain?
20.Opposite of North.
1.An introduced animal found on the Nullarbor Plain.
2.The Great _________ Desert.
5.Great ____________ Bight.
6.What sort of stone is the Nullarbor Plain found on?
7.Opposite of South.
10.Something which is a desert has no rainfall and is known as a____.
14.A native animal found on the Nullarbor Plain.
15.Opposite of East.
18.What are limestone caves called?

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