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Freshwater Resources

Find the correct definition for the vocabulary words.

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3.Type of energy that is stored and waiting to be used.
5._______ of water is a measurement of how acidic or basic the water is on a scale of 0-14.
8.Is the practice of using less of a resource so that it will not be used up.
9.____________ of water is a measurement of the amount of calcium and magnesium it contains.
11.Some form naturally to help keep river inside its banks. Overtime these deposits build up intoning long ridges called ____________.
15.Is an amount of one substance in a certain volume of another substance.
17.Is the process of supplying water to areas of land to make them suitable for crops to grow.
18.This type of rain comes from burning coal, oil, and gasoline. It is more ________ than normal rain.
20.Is a process of passing water through a series of screens that allow water but not larger solid particles to pass through.
21.Is the process used to obtain fresh water from salt water.
1.Sources that cause water pollution. (Example chemicals,pesticides).
2.This type of pollution is the addition of any substance that has a negative effect on water or living things that depend on water.
4.Waste water and different kinds of waste.
6.This type of power turns electricity that is produced by kinetic energy by moving water over a waterfall or through a dam.
7.Type of flood that is a sudden, violent flood that occurs within a few hours or even minutes of a storm.
8.Is particles that cause things to stick to flocs or sticky globs to form
10.Widely spread source of pollution that can't be tied to a specific origin.
12.Is a measurement of a substance in water besides molecules.
13.Prolonged period of time when there is scarce rainfall and it reduces the water table. the supplies of
14.A specific source of pollution that can be identified.
16.Are chemicals intended to kill insects and other organisms that damage crops.
19.It is a form of energy that an object has when it is moving.

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