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Decision 1 - Graph Theory

B Wardman

The key words used within graph theory

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1.a graph consisting of two sets of vertices (2 Words)
4.the line connecting two vertices
5.a graph with directed edges
6.a trail such that no edge is visited more than once
8.the points on a graph
11.a tabular method of representing a graph (2 Words)
13.a trail that travels along every edge (2 Words)
14.numbers on the edges of a graph
15.a closed path with at least one edge
16.a graph where every vertex is connected to each of teh other vertices
2.a connected graph with no cycles
3.a cycle that visits every vertex (2 Words)
7.a graph that connects all vertices with no cycles (2 Words)
9.If all pairs of vertices are connected
10.a graph with no loops or repeated edges (2 Words)
12.a series of instructions

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