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Missionaries and Mapping of Africa 15th to 19th Century

Jessica Coady

Chapter 20, History of Africa, Kevin Shillington

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1.Africa's first black bishop.
4.What kind of "evils" did Christian missionaries preach about while disregarding their own involvement in the subject?
5.Portuguese Catholic missionaries tried to convert this person and their court in the Mutapa state.
6.The Christian revival arose in Europe and where else?
7.The spread of christianity also meant the spread of what?
9.Who was the explorer companion to David Livingstone?
10.Catholic Missionaries were sent to _______ to convert rulers.
12.Who was thankful for the extent of success of local trade which they observed in the capital of Sokoto?
13.Closely followed the early Portuguese costal penetration of tropical Africa
14.European Christians believed that non-Muslim African lacked what?
2."Vehicle for religious and cultural change"
3.Managed to use Christianity to strengthen his authority.
8.Less than _____ percent of non-muslim Africans had been converted to Christianity.
11.What was the name of the Mission to the Niger Delta?
15.Portuguese missionaries tried to convert this group, but attempts were abandoned in the early 16th century.

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