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Constitutional Crossword

Reese Chaplin

2 3  
4                               5          
  7 8                     9  
  11             12                    
14               15        

4.The _____ is represents the states by population. (3 Words)
8.The Constitution is the "Supreme _____". (4 Words)
10.The _____ amendment protects against search and seizure.
11.The Constitution was ratified _____. (2 Words)
12.The constitution was ratified on the _____ of September.
13.The first ten amendments are known as the _____. (3 Words)
14.The 7th article explains the _____ of the constitution.
16.Article 1, Section 3, "Immediately after they shall be assembled in _____ of the first Election."
17.The Legislative branch has _____ houses.
18.The _____ amendment required that states have a well maintained militia.
19._____ out of 13 states voted for the ratification of the constitution.
1.The only signer of the Constitution from New York was _____. (2 Words)
2."Provide for the _____," (2 Words)
3."In order to form a more perfect _____."
5.The Constitution replaced the _____. (3 Words)
6.Senators must be at least _____ years old.
7.The 3rd article explains the _____ branch.
9." Establish Justice, ensure _____ tranquility"
15._____ of Congress must vote to pass a law the president has vetoed. (2 Words)

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