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The Periodic Table

Ashlyn Reed

5 6             7              
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6.It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert, monatomic gas. With the abbrev. He.
7.This element has an atomic weight of 1.00794 u. It is the abbrev. H.
8.This element is very reactive with water and is found a lot in bananas. With the abbrev. K.
10.A soft silver-white metal. It is part of alkali metal group of chemical elements. With the abbrev. Li.
11.This element is the fifth most abundent element by mass found in the earth's crust. With the abbrev. Ca.
12.This elements boiling point is -410.9°F (-246.1°C). With the abbrev. of Ne.
13.You can melt this element at 2,348°F (1,287°C). With the abbrev. Be.
14.Tis element is a yellow-green gas under standard conditions, where it forms diatomic molecules.
17.This element is an abundant, multivalent non-metal. With the abbrev. S.
18.This element is free in nature and in most minerals. With the abbrev. Mn.
21.This element is produced by cosmic ray spallation. With the abbrev. B.
23.This element has a melting point of -346°F (-210°C). With the abbrev. N.
24.This element is a highly reactive metal. With the abbrev. Na.
1.This element has a low density and is a silver colored metal. With the abbrev. Ti.
2.This element has an atomic radius of 128 pm. Witht he abbrev. Cr.
3.This element was discovered in 1669. With the abbrev. P.
4.This element at standard pressure and temperature, fluorine is a pale yellow gas composed of diatomic molecules. With the abbrev. F.
5.This element has an electronegravity of 1.9. With the abbrev. Si.
9.This element is the eighth most abundent metal found in the earth's crust. With the abbrev. of Mg.
14.This element has an atomic radius of 70 pm. With the abbrev. C.
15.This element has an electronegativity of 3.44. With the abbrev. of O.
16.This element has a melting point of 3,470°F (1,910°C). With the abbrev. V.
19.This element has a melting point of 1,221°F (660.3°C). With the abbrev. Al.
20.This element was discovered in 1879. With the abbrev. Sc.
22.This element has an atomic radius of 71 pm. With the abbrev. Ar.

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