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Xmas Quiz

McGirr Upper Hutt

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3.Q8 Meri Kirimete = Merry Xmas in what language?
5.Q4 In which department store did Santa Claus first appear in New Zealand?
7.Q10 Who is credited with conducting the first Christmas Day service in New Zealand? (2 Words)
9.Q16 What date does the 12th day of Xmas fall on? (date) (2 Words)
1.Q17 What tree did some early settlers refer to as ‘Antipodean holly’?
2.Q2 In which ocean would you find Christmas Is? (2 Words)
3.Q9 Which do people claim to be kissed under?
4.Q6 Who wrote a ‘Christmas Carol’? (surname)
6.Q15 Birth sign (star sign) of people born on December 25th?
8.Q7 Which organisation supplied free cigars, coffee and cake to New Zealand soldiers at Christmas during the First World War?

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