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Vocab Review: 2nd Quarter

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  24   25              

4.movement of charges
6.nonrenewable form of energy created from the compressed remains of plants and animals
7.unit of measurement for power
9.energy stored in living things
11.device that increases or decreases AC voltage
12.energy of position or shape
13.type of machine that is made up of 2 or more simple machines
14.device that changes one form of energy into another
17.how fast work is done
18.the force that the machine exerts
22.if one charge passes into the electric __________ of another charge, it will feel an effect
23.a ramp is one example
25.energy released when molecular bonds are broken
26.a charge entering an electric field will experience an electric _________
27.unit of measurement for work and energy
28.energy of motion
29.electric ______________ is a property that leads to charges attracting or repelling
1.energy that holds parts of an atom together
2.there are 3 types: contact, friction, and induction
3.energy that comes from the sun
4.can change the strength of a magnetic field by adjusting current
5.potential difference, difference in PE between two points in an electric field
7.product of force and distance
8.the work that the machine does
10.force that you exert or put into a machine
15.any energy source that can be used over and over again without significant depletion
16.pivot point for a lever
17.makes objects easier to lift by changing the direction of force.
19.property a material that opposes a current, can diminish it over time
20.the Earth is surrounded by one, has a north and south pole
21.V = IR
24.device that makes work easier

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