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Alberta's Geography & Vocabulary

L. Folks

Grade 4 Social Studies. Review some Alberta geography and related vocabulary

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6.Alberta region that receives the most snowfall annually
7.The worst natural disaster in Alberta's history
8.A strong, warm wind blowing from the Rocky Mountains that melts snow and ice
10.The distance above sea level
11.Study of the Earth's surface and environment; includes landforms, bodies of water, climate, vegetation, animal life and natural resources
13.A scientist who studies the earth and beginnings of its rocks
16.Alberta region where the highest average elevation is 1800 m
17.Alberta region settled because it has lots of fertile farmland and other natural resources like oil and gas
18.Thick rivers of ice that slowly moved across and shaped the land during the Ice Ages
21.Distance from the equator
22.One of the most important industries in the Grassland region
24.The pattern of weather of a place over time
25.Not enough precipitation so the crops dry out and die
1.Largest Alberta region
2.The capital city of Alberta
3.Region with the most Albertans living in it
4.Most remote Alberta region
5.Large areas where tall grasses and few trees grow
9.Solid rock buried deep beneath the soil
12.A lake made by damming a river
14.A mound left behind when the glaciers and ice sheets melted
15.The provincial flower of Alberta
19.City with the largest population in the Grassland region
20.Areas that are covered with water all or most of the time
23.A triangular shaped area formed at the mouth of a river or stream

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