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Japanese Yr 8

1   2   3   4 5
      6     7   8     9          
10           11
13   14         15    
16                     17                        
  18 19                     20                
23       24    
  25 26             27 28   29
31         32 33   34
      35           36     37
38                   39  
  41     42        
  44     45      
51   52      
53         54    
55       56            

1.Asking 'how old are you?'
6.Your own younger brother
8.How do you say 'Good Morning' ?
14.'Say' in Japanese
16.My phone number is 0586-2581
19.Please shut the door
20.How do you say 'No, that's not right' ?
21.What do you say when you want people to be quiet?
22.I live in England
23.Name the capital of Japan
25.Asking 'Do you have a pet?'
29.What character do you put after the country, when talking about nationalities?
30.I have 2 dads and a mum
31.Talking about someone else's mother
35.I have 7 dogs
38.See you tomorrow
39.The counter 5 for people
40.Your own Grandpa
43.Just a moment please
45.What do you use to identify living things?
46.What do yo say wen you come late to class?
49.Yes, that's right
53.See you later
55.One Hundred
56.What do you say at the beginning of a Japanese lesson?
57.Where do you live? In japanese
2.The counter 3 for pets
3.The particle that means also
4.Family in Japanese
5.What do you say when you want to go to the toilet?
7.I have 8 birds
8.Congratulations (Polite)
9.An animal that breeds fast and is considered a pest
10.The largest country in Asia
11.Bad luck or what a pity
12.How do you say you are 21 years old?
13.I come from Korea
15.What's your name?
17.The particle that indicates possession
18.How do you say 'I do not have' ?
24.What word will a sentence always end with? (Besides います)
26.The character that you put when you want to double a consonant
27.20 years old in hiragana
28.I have 2 younger brothers
31.Grandma for someone else's family
32.I am an only child
33.How do you say 'I have 10 pet snakes' ?
34.South Africa
36.A pet fish
37.Wow! Or That's incredible
41.The counter 8 for pets
42.Polite response opposite to thank you
44.One hundred and seventeen
47.A bird that has webbed feet
48.Your nationality is German
49.How do you do, in japanese
50.What do you say when you go to bed?
51.Two Hundred
52.Your older sister
54.Someone else's grandpa

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