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The Hunger Games

Torry Francis

Do The Puzzle And Do It Right! Have Fun HeHeHe :)

2   3    
4 5     6          
  7   8 9
      11     12  
13   14  
15         16   17      
    18 19     20        
21             22
26           27  
28             29            

4.What Male Tribute Is From District 2?
6.District Number Where Katniss Lives
10.Girl That Looks Like A Fox?
11.The Hunger Games winners Katniss and _____________
15.What Does Gale Call Katniss?
17.Book 2 Name catching _____
19.50th Hunger Games Winner
21.Number Of Tributes twenty ____
23.Book 3 Name
24.Author Of The Hunger Games Suzanne ________
25.Katniss' Last Name
26.What Does District 12 Produce?
28.Haymitch Won The Hunger Games When He Was______Years Old
29.Volunteer For The Hunger Games
30.Mr. President
1.Katniss wears a mockingjay ___
3.What Does Katniss Shoot At When In Session With The Game Makers? an _______
5.Katniss' weapon is a bow and ________
6.Who Helped Katniss From Being Killed?
7.Name Of District 12's Mentor
8.A Cat That Doesn't Like Katniss butter____
9.What Is The Name Of The Tribute That Katniss Befriends?
12.Male From District 11?
13.Best Friend
14.How Old Is Katniss At The Beginning Of The First Book?
16.Chosen as Tribute
20.Katniss Is Known in district 13 as the __________
22.Book 1 Name the hunger _____
24.What Does Peeta's Dad Give Katniss?
27.Little sister

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