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Word Vocabulary

Alex Sekung

Word Vocabulary Review

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2.Useful feature for finding a synonym for a word in your document.
4.Text remains in its original location and a copy of it is placed on the clipboard.
9.Shows were text will appear when you begin typing.
10.You can align your text to the left margin
12.The use of computer software to enter and edit text.
13.Automatically applies built-in formats as you type.
14.A set of formatiting options that affect the way text looks in the document, and that you can apply by clicking a button on the ribbon.
16.The height of the characters in units.
17.Blank areas around the top, bottom, and sides of a page.
19.You can align your text to the right margin.
20.Documents printed in landscape orientation are wider than they are long.
21.Enables you to look at a document as it will appear.
22.Text is removed from the document and placed on the clipboard.
23.A cooridinated set of fonts, styles, and colors.
1.Flags words that might be misspelled by underlining with a red or blue wavy line immediately after you type it.
3.Designs of type
5.If the text you are typing extends beyond the right margin, word automatically moves it to the next line.
6.You can align your text to the left and right margin.
7.The unit of measure for font characters sizes
8.Documents printed in portrait orientation are longer than they are wide.
11.The text is aligned at both the right and left margins.
15.A coordinated set of colors avaliable for use in the document.
18.Grahpics that are already drawn or photographed and available for use in documents.

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