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Species At War

George Daulman

1 2
3 4 5 6    
9                   10  
13               14                
15             16      

7.What kind of animal eats plants?
8.What type of Microbe is Influenza?
9.Vaccines act like dummy ___________.
13.Plants are a _______.
14.Malaria is transferred by _______ Mosquitoes.
15.Who wiped out small pox by vaccinating everyone around a victim? Donald __________
19.What type of Pathogen is a Bacillus megaterium?
20.Plants take in Water and Carbon _________.
1.A ________ eats other living animals
2.When a microbe infects you for the first time, you can’t make ________ straight away.
3.What type of microbe is Yeast?
4._______ cells remember how to make the antibodies.
5.Who was the first man to introduce that doctors and surgeons should wash their hands before and after operations? Ignaz __________
6.Photosynesis means making something and _________.
10.Who made surgery safer by cleaning wounds with antiseptic? Joseph ________
11.What type of Microbe is Penicillium Roqueforti?
12.Who cut the number of cases of the diesis cholera? _________ Snow
16.An ________ eats both plants and Animals
17.Who used a weak virus to act as a vaccine for the disease small pox? Edward _______
18.Who made a vaccine for the disease polio? Jonas ____

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